African wild dogs by aeCamouflageAfrican wild dogs blend in with the dirt and grass so the can sneak up and attack their prey.
african wild dogs


This is the small animals that african wild dogs eat impala, gazelle, springbok, and young wildbeest. :(

Here are some large birds they hunt ostriches, emus, etc.

They also hunt on animals that are bigger than them like zebras, and warthogs, etc.

"In order to be able to kill the food one african wild dog grabs the tail while another attacks the upper lip of the food."

"This type of behavior they use is mostly used on other large dangerous prey, such as the african buffalo, giraffe calves, the large antelope, and even the one-ton Eland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"They eat their prey quickly becuase they are afriad that larger animals will still their meal like lions."

where they live

African wild dogs live in Saharan Africa. They are commonly thought of as savannah.

packsAfrican wild dogs live in a pack of 6-20 dogs at a time (not hunting, just family)


African wild dogs are related to other dogs like wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, Dholes, raccoon dog, and a bush dog. weird uh?????? never heard of a raccoon and bush dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

size and weight

The average size for a African wild dog is30-40 in. (in.=inches) and the average weight for a African wild dog is37.5-80 lbs. (lbs.


paw size (spoor)
Here is the size of the paw for a African wild dog!!!!!!!!!!

size of the footprint
size of the footprint


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